Bench manual sandblasting/ shot-peening machine

This machine has been expressly designed to provide a sandblasting/shotpeening machine with reduced dimensions and costs for the treatment of small parts in contained quantity. This machine has very reduced dimensions and has been designed to be rested on a bench suitable for working even sat at a table.
The working jet is obtained with the so-called "suction pressure" system.
The machine is equipped with:
• Centrifugal aspirator with 220 Volt single-phase feeding.
• Filtering bag to collect the working powders. As an alternative, cartridge filter in compliance with EC regulations.
• Dehumidifier for compressed air.
• Pressure regulator with pressure gauge.
• Sandblasting/shot-peening gun with trigger control and tungsten carbide nozzle (widia).
• Parts blow gun.
• Window with laminated glass.
• Booth lamp, assembled inside the cap, externally to the working area.
• Anti-abrasion gloves with integrated sleeve.
• Left-hand side door.
• Rest surface made of punched plate.


Working area dimensions


Overall dimensions**
Total weight**
Electric energy absorption
Compressed air consumption***
lt/1' '

** Overall dimensions and weight are given just as an indication.
*** Compressed air consumption is calculated for a 6 bar working pressure; working with lower pressure, consumption will proportionally decrease.

The electric controls are grouped on the cap front in an easily accessible position. Such controls are:
• aspirator switch
• booth lamp switch

Finimac produces other types of manual machines with different dimensions beside the machine described in this catalogue. Furthermore, Finimac also produces motorised machines for higher productivity.

Exemples of bench manual machines


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