Finimac s.r.l. was established in 1985 for the production of machines and equipments for sandblasting, shot-peening and shot-blasting operations.
As from the start of its activity, the production was basically broken down into two lines:

  • manual operating units, available on standard and non-standard models,
  • special automatic systems, specifically built according to projects aiming at the solution of particular problem

In the meanwhile thousands of machines and equipments of every kind,  large or small, standard or special, hand operated or with automatics have been manufactured.
In 2004 the factory has been moved to the new premises, located  in the western industrial area of the town of Vittuone (MI).
A constant task of  our job is to pay full attention to the needs of our customers, to the experiences acquired by them with our equipments, aiming at always improving the quality of our products.

FINIMAC s.r.l.
Via Monte Rosa, 3
20010 Vittuone -Milano- ITALY
P.Iva 08139860152
Tel. +39 02 90111116
Fax +39 02 90260268

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